Having troubles running the jest with the new helper

Hey people,
I’m joyfully ding in the new Aurelia (lots of fun!!!). I have thought problems with the tests:

From pasted, I have the following issues":
I’m not really sure where exactly the error is.
The other thing I’m not sure is, how to configure the dependencies. Eg. I have an error from the code where I have

         httpClient = resolve(newInstanceOf(IHttpClient));

How can I test this?
And how can test my-app component where I have:

import {Cases} from './cases';
import {Addresses} from './addresses';
import {Home} from './home';

export class MyApp {
    static routes = [
            path: '',
            component: Home,
            title: 'Home',
            path: 'addresses',
            component: Addresses,
            title: 'Addresses',
            path: 'addresses/:addressId',
            component: Addresses,
            title: 'Address details',
            path: 'cases',
            component: Cases,
            title: 'Cases',
            path: 'cases/:caseId',
            component: Cases,
            title: 'Case Details',

and the test is:

import {render} from './helper';
import {MyApp} from '../src/components/my-app';

describe('my-app', () => {
    it('should render message', async () => {
        const node = (await render('<my-app></my-app>', MyApp)).firstElementChild;
        const text = node.textContent;
        expect(text.trim()).toBe('Hello World!');

and the render is:

import Aurelia, {CustomElement} from 'aurelia';
import {DialogDefaultConfiguration} from '@aurelia/dialog';
import {RouterConfiguration} from '@aurelia/router';
import {StateDefaultConfiguration} from '@aurelia/state';
import {ValidationHtmlConfiguration} from '@aurelia/validation-html';
import {itemTreeHandler} from '../src/actions/action-handlers';
import {persistentStatePlugin} from '../src/lib/persistent-state';
import {initialState} from '../src/constants/initialstate';
export async function render(template, ...deps) {
    const wrapper = CustomElement.define({name: 'wrapper', template});
    const div = document.createElement('div');
    const au = Aurelia
                useUrlFragmentHash: false,
            JSON.parse(localStorage.getItem('eosState')) || initialState,
            host: div,
            component: wrapper,
    await au.start();
    return div;

this is pretty much the same I’ve got from a fresh bootstrapped project.