How can I redirect link to external page in tag <a>?

I’m making the footer of my page and in the mobile version, when I click on a link, it does not redirect me to where it should go, it only redirects me if it is an internal page of the same repository, and the link that I need to redirect, is another repository. Even if I do the test with the complete nomenclature, it doesn’t redirect.

<a class="footer-link expandable-footer-link text-regular" href="" click.delegate="handleClickEvent(xExpandable)">

Need to see the full code?

you can use external attribute on the link to tell Aurelia to ignore it.

I do, but nothing change.

I’m clicking in the link and doing nothing.

What is the click delegate for?

I’m using it so that the arrows perform the correct functionality, pointing up or down depending on the case.

I had to do it that way, because without it, I had a bug and the section wouldn’t expand.