How to access routes in a layout file

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I have an application in which for some of my routes I have used a different layout where I want to have access to the list of routes and the current active route. I have use dependency injection to pass the Router instance to the class of my layout, however that instance has no routes in its navigation property. Did I miss anything or should I use another workaround?

Here’s my app component in which I set up the main routes:

import { RouterConfiguration, Router } from 'aurelia-router';
export class App {
  private router: Router;

  configureRouter(config: RouterConfiguration, router: Router): void {

    this.router = router;

    config.title = 'Contact Manager';
    config.options.pushState = false;
    config.options.root = '/';

      { route: '', redirect: 'welcome' },
        route: 'welcome',
        name: 'welcome',
        moduleId: './welcome/welcome',
        nav: 1, title: 'Home',
        // layoutView: './layouts/default.html',
        layoutViewModel: './layouts/default'
        route: 'contacts',
        name: 'contacts',
        moduleId: './contacts/contact-route',
        nav: 2,
        // layoutView: './layouts/default.html',
        layoutViewModel: './layouts/default'
        route: 'login',
        name: 'login',
        moduleId: './login/login-component',
        nav: 3, title: 'Login'

The followings are my layout.html and its corresponding class ( ts file ):

      <ul repeat.for="nav of router.navigation">
          <li class="${nav.isActive ? 'active' : ''}">
            <a href.bind="nav.href">
import { Router } from "aurelia-router";
import { autoinject } from "aurelia-framework";

export class DefaultLayout {
  constructor(private router: Router) { }

What I expect is that at least I have the list of routes when I navigate to any route which uses this layout.


Dear @jwx, can you help on this thread?

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I couldn’t reproduce the issue you are having. Can you have a look at this sandbox and help repro it?



Thanks for the great sandbox you have created, the code just works fine in the sandbox, I get the router with all the routes defined in the current scope, so I have to dig into my repository to figure out what’s wrong with my code.


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