How to do CompositeUI with Aurelia?

I want to do something like Prysm is doing on the WPF side.
So I am doing an application with Microservice architecture, and each microservice has it’s own UI in Aurelia.
I want something like this:

  1. When I deploy the microservice with its ui, it should somehow “Register” itself into an existing Main Aurelia application.
  2. When I start the Main Aurelia application, to somehow scan for these microservice ui-s and to execute a code that will register the module within the main application.

Those modules could ie. add new Menus, new widgets, new views and routes, new widgets…to the main application. They are a small Aurelia spa-s per se, but when integrated in the main application they add it’s functionality to it.

What is the best way to do this, or how can I do this in Aurelia?



Hi @cluka

While I have some ideas how to do this (as a consequence of a pretty long standing interest Microservice architecture), they (ideas) are not mature enough to share them publicly :slight_smile: - but I will closely watch this thread hoping to learn from it.

Hmm, it seems this type of functionality requires high knowledge of webpack, and my knowledge of it if pretty basic.
Although there are some possible guidance’s although not complete:

and also

But with my current knowledge of webpack this will be very hard to do.

Just thought I’d mention that webpack is not the only build tool out there, so you may be able to achieve your goals without a deep dive into webpack.

I used Prism back in the Silverlight days and would be interested in something similar in the web space.

I’ll update this answer with my findings.