How to import Javascript Library into Typescript/Webpack Aurelia CLI Project

I’m trying to implement ADAL to handle the authentication in my Aurelia app.

I’ve been trying to import the ‘adal-angular’ module (which is a javascript module to be used in an Authentication class to no avail.


I end up with this error:

Unhandled rejection Error: Error invoking AuthenticationContext. Check the inner error for details.------------------------------------------------Inner Error:Message: Cannot read property ‘displayCall’ of undefined

I’m relatively new to Aurelia development and I cannot figure this out. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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I npm installed type definitions “@types/adal-angular” in an attempt to solve this issue.

Now I’ve got:

This is all very perplexing and I’m very much lost.

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from the docs

window.config = {
    clientId: '[Enter your client_id here, e.g. g075edef-0efa-453b-997b-de1337c29185]',
    popUp: true,
    callback : callbackFunction

var authContext = new AuthenticationContext(config);

function callbackFunction(errorDesc, token, error, tokenType)

you’re not providing the config param when injecting AuthenticationContext like that. unless you define a resolver:

// main.ts
import * as AuthenticationContext from "adal-angular";

const callbackFunction = () => {};
const config = {
clientId: "[Enter your client_id here, e.g. g075edef-0efa-453b-997b-de1337c29185]",
popUp: true,
callback: callbackFunction

export function configure(aurelia: Aurelia) {
    new AuthenticationContext(config)
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