How to inject Element in Aurelia 2

In Aurelia 1, I used to do: import { Element, inject } from 'aurelia-framework'; @inject(Element) class MyClass { constructor(element) { this.element = element } }. How do I do that in Aurelia 2 (using ESNext)? I missed that in the docs (at Thanks!

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Hi @frmjp! You need to use the @INode decorator. It looks as follows.

import { INode } from '@aurelia/runtime-html';

public constructor(
  @INode private readonly element: HTMLElement

Note that instead of typing it as HTMLElement, you can also type it as INode. However, the HTMLElement type in this case would be more user-freindly.

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This works for me in AU2

import { inject } from 'aurelia'


class MyComponent {
    constructor(element) {
        this.element = element