How to upgrade an old aurelia project?

I have a few older aurelia projects using aurelia-cli 1.0.2 and nodejs 10.24.1. I’m getting a lot of warnings about old dependencies with high security issues.

Package management, etc. is a very weak area for me and I’m not sure what all I need to do to get this project upgraded to aurelia-cli 2.0.3 and nodejs 16.5.0 without breaking my entire application.

The project uses Webpack – so I’m not sure how upgrading affects that either.

Could anyone provide some sort of step-by-step as to how to approach this?

there are a couple of topics here on discourse related to upgrades but essentially the best call is to scaffold a fresh new project and slowly move over existing code to the new project. while that might be lot of work it gives you also the chance to evaluate existing dependencies for their validity and perhaps some new features make old workarounds no longer needed.

so essentially just give it a try and see how it goes. we’re here if you hit a road block

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