How uncheck checkbox (as a subcomponent)

If there is any solution to uncheck checkbox, which is a subcomponent?

> <dropdown>
> <li repeat.for="option of options">
>                     <checkbox option.bind="option"></checkbox>
>                 </li>
> </dropdown>

(This is ony an example. I have implemented change.delegate=“myFun()” etc.)

This is based on “Array of String” (see documentation)
Can we somehow check/uncheck these elements from dropdown.js?
How I can access to child elements?

ps, I see that there is a @child and @children decorator, but <dropdown> is containerless so they will not work :confused:

maybe you can use as-element instead?

<ul as-element="dropdown">

So that @child and @children can still work, while you can still avoid having unnecessary wrapper.

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