I18n - t attribute - don't translate when a key is missing

Is it possible to instruct aurelia-i18n to skip translating template when the key is missing?
I’d like the actual innerHtml of an element to act as a fallback value.

let’s assume I have a following template

<h5 t="view1.hello">Hello!</h5>

when there’s no view1.hello key in translations, it renders


while I’d like it to be still “Hello1” and get a warning in a console.

this would be useful when you’re introducing i18n to an existing app with a lot of templates to translate…

Hmm not that i’d know out of the box. Would you enable that during plugin setup or rather per tanslation via options?

I think this should be enabled via plugin setup. I find it more of an approach in general where you first create templates and then later add i18n.

Would you mind heading over to the i18n repo and creating an issue referencing this post. Thx in advance

sure. https://github.com/aurelia/i18n/issues/267 :slight_smile: thank you