I'm seeing @noView used on non-element service classes

I’m new to Aurelia and I’m looking at some existing code at my company where services are decorated with @noView. I’m talking about services that are clearly not intended as ViewModels, things like an http api service.

Looking at the documentation for @noView, it appears that this is only intended for ViewModels that have no accompanying view .html files. My assumption is that @noView is only relevant for elements (which are either referenced in <require from="..."> or are globalized).

Does adding @noView to non-elements give some undocumented performance boost that I don’t know about or could this have been added by mistake or by misunderstanding?

This is true, you do not need it for classes that are not view related, such as services. I don’t think there is any advantage to using it on classes that are not used as viewmodels.