Initializing a WebSocket connection before application start

Is there an equivalent to calling activate() on the root component?

I need to initialize a WebSocket connection before my application loads. If I were doing this on a per-route basis, I would just make sure that the connection exists in the activate() method of the component I’m routing to before allowing it to render. However, in this case I need that same type of functionality at the root application level.

Since there’s no asynchronous hook/life-cycle method that I’m aware of that can be called on the root application component, I’m assuming that this could only be done in main.js/ts (i.e. ensuring that the connection is open before calling setRoot and starting the application). But if I were to do it this way, how would I then pass a reference to my “new WebSocket()” into my application? Would I have to do something ugly like attach it to the window object/global scope? I’d rather use dependency injection if possible, but that’s only available after the application has started, correct?


you can register an instance in the container in the configure method in main, then @inject(WebSocket) in components.

const socket = new WebSocket(url);
aurelia.container.registerInstance(WebSocket, socket);

I think that’s exactly what I was looking for, thank you!

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