Is it possible to navigate to a static html file with no VM in Aurelia?

When my app loads, I have code that sets the app root to either a signin VM or to the app VM. However, if the user is using any version of IE, I want to redirect them to a static HTML page that simply tells them their browser is not supported.

All the navigation I’m aware of in Aurelia involves some sort of View Model. Is there any way to simply route or navigate to a static HTML page with no associated VM?

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How about this? ====> window.location.href = ‘…’;

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Hey Jeff,

Thanks for your response. I guess the more I thought about it, what I was asking didn’t really make sense. You’re right, I could just include a static html page on the server and redirect to that page as opposed to trying to include an html page as part of my aurelia “package” (I’m using webpack).

Guess all it takes is a day to bring some clarity.

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Yes you can have html (view) only pages/routes. You just have to include .html in the module id