Is there anythink like dynamic composition in V2?

Hello !

I’ve been a long user of AU1, today i decided to test AU2 just to see what changes and such. So far so good but i’m kinda stuck with a piece of code i’m trying to “migrate”.

Previously i had some kind of form builder who’s template was:

But it doesn’t look like we have a “compose tag” anymore.

In this case, i would have to replace my compose line with 3 conditional statements ie: if.bind="property.type === 'input’, one for each component ?

Thank you :slight_smile:

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I might be mistaken but I think compose hasnt been ported yet and is in l the todolist. Also in v2 all elemets are prefixed to adhere to Webcomponents Standards. So try out au-compose instead but as mentioned I guess its not yet fully done

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Nice, i was not sure if it was planned or dropped :slight_smile: from v1.

I’ll try as you advice, thanks !

Edit1: Indeed it does exists as au-compose but does not seem to be fully working yet.
Thanks for the help !

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