Issue with aurelia routing using javascript

Hi ,

Not able get routes even though added routes in app.js.
I am using below code to navigate to route. But getting error saying no route available.

this.router.navigateToRoute(‘Summary’, { replace: true, trigger: true });

app.js code:

import { inject } from ‘aurelia-framework’;

export class App {
constructor(element) {
this.element = element;
this.Id = null;
this.message = ‘App’;
if (element)
this.Id = element.dataset[‘id’];
configureRouter(config, router) {
config.title = ‘App’;[
            route: 'Summary',
            name: 'Summary',
            moduleId: '../src/summary-control',
            nav: true
            route: 'Detail',
            name: 'Detail',
            nav: true,
            title: 'Details'
    this.router = router;


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The code here looks similar to another thread, so I assume you both are from the same team, let’s continue this topic there, maybe?