Kendo UI usage in Aurelia Plugin

I use Kendo UI in an Aurelia app. For this I have installed the aurelia-kenoui-bridge and @progress/kendo-ui. I have included the bridge in the webpack.config:

  entry: {
    app: [
      // Uncomment next line if you need to support IE11
      // 'promise-polyfill/src/polyfill',
    vendor: ["bluebird", "jquery", "aurelia-kendoui-bridge"],

In main.ts I bind the bridge with aurelia.use.plugin(PLATFORM.moduleName("aurelia-kendoui-bridge"), kendo => kendo.detect()) and import kendo with @progress/kendo-ui.

With the setup I can use all components of Kendo, e.g. the grid (in the html template there are still imports with require).

However, when I want to use Kendo in a self-written Aurelia plugin, it does not work. The JavaScript file kendo.all.js, which is located in the node modules, is not found (when I start the plugin in the dev-app). I assume that it is due to a missing import (in the app there is the entry in the webpack.config).

Does anyone know how to solve this problem?