Micro front end

Hi Aurelia team

We have a requirement to build aurelia apps as a micro front end, multiple aurelia apps running in same index page.

From looking at what gets output it looks like aurelia 2 converts everything to a web component

So I thought I could build a 2nd app called MyApp2 and have this in the index page, adding links to both bundles in the index page head section

But in doing this I get

Conflicting @aurelia/metadata module import detected. Please make sure you have the same version of all Aurelia packages in your dependency tree.

Can aurelia 2 be used in a micro front end scenario?

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Just tried replacing the package.json package-lock.json and yarn.lock file in app2 with stuff from app1 deleted the node_modules app2 folder and replaced with version from app1 then rebuilt both apps and I still get the same error.

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This issues I am experiencing with this I think are also due to me not using something like yarn workspaces

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