Nested/children routers navigation in Aurelia

We have some routers with unlimited nested subsets so we want to handle them dynamically.

eg :

Root 1
---- Child 1
---- Child 2
---- Child 3
--------- Child 3-1
--------- Child 3-2
----------- Child 3-2-1
----------- Child 3-2-2
Root 2

Can anyone guide to handle nested/childern routers by Aurelia for generating sitemap and …?

Use a child router. Look into Docs, or this might help: (I wasn’t reading it).

Idea is - the same way you created main router, you can create a child router.

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Thanks, @tomasbonco,

I know about that plugin, and I wonder why nobody read that :smile: . It is wonderful, I just had some problems with it in my sample and plugin, so I need more time to investigate which part was going wrong. anyway, I let you know that if it works as expected or not.