Nested Validation `when` problem

I have an issue with nested validation where the nested object needs access to the parent object for the .when statement.

      .ensure('type').required().when(thing => thing.parent.category !== 'note').on(this.thing)

In this code thing.parent clearly doesn’t exist but I’d like the when clause to have access to the value of category. I have a workaround in place but it seems like it does not follow the spirit of how Validation is supposed to work (I’m using a closure).

A better real world example would be a user that may or may not want to receive postal mail. I would only validate the address if the form had the box checked for “receiveMail.”

Can this be done with the current state of the validation plugin or do I need to file a bug?

var user = {
  first: 'Dave',
  last: 'Jensen',
  receiveMail: true,
  address: {
    street: "123 Main St.",
    city: "Somewhere",
    region: "California",
    country: "USA",
    postalCode: "99999"

@MaximBalaganskiy gave an answer on the gitter chat

you can setup up separate rules for user and address
for address ones do not consider receiveMail
for the user have a rule:
not correct code, but should give you an idea

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