No View Model found in "app" with webpack 5

Hi All! We’ve been using Aurelia for a couple years now and love it. But after upgrading to webpack 5 we are getting in a browser the message that there is no view found for app, even though there is app.html. It’s almost like no html files are making into the distribution. Anyone seen this yet?

Hi @pwakeman! I am not sure about the reason why it is not working for you. I would advise though to create a dummy app using the aurelia-cli to create a webpack5 app and compare the webpack config with your existing one. In case you are unfamiliar, here is the link to the cli docs: Basics | Aurelia.

Hi @Sayan751! So far i’ve tried looking at the default skeleton and it seems to work just fine, but my project is like it just doesn’t want to include the html files at all…

Try updating aurelia-webpack-plugin to latest version.

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