Not able to get data from backend api in django project

Because django using Csrf middleware, because of that I am not able to hit api.
I am able to integrate aurelia with django,

this is my code:

 httpClient.fetch('http://localhost:8001/demographs/', {
  method: "POST"

.then(response => response.json())
.then(data => {
if(data && data.table && data.table.length) {
tableHeading = data.table[0];
console.log(“table data”,tableHeading);

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Can anyone help on this?

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Can you clarify what the error you are getting is?

Hi @bigopon
This is the error I am getting,

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Sorry, I’m neither familiar with this, nor understand django to make a guess. I hope other folks with experience can help point you to the right direction.

Print the CSRF token on your page into hidden input with Django and then set the header.
setRequestHeader(“X-CSRFToken”, csrftoken from the hidden input);
I believe this will work for you

You may need to set an interceptor with CSRF Token header (django uses: “X-CSRFToken” header with each POST request).

There is also a CSRF cookie, which you first receive from csrftoken cookie

If you use aurelia-cookie I think you can do Cookie.get('csrftoken') – otherwise you may have to use Document.cookie.

if (document.cookie.split(';').filter((item) => item.trim().startsWith('csrftoken=')).length) {
    console.log('The cookie "reader" exists (ES6)')

THEN and only THEN can you set the header in interceptor using http-client configuration withInterceptor

Important NOTE:

HTTP AJAX calls with GET|HEAD|OPTIONS|TRACE does not require X-CSRFToken header.

Works the same with Python Flask although there’s not too many examples where it sets the cookie. But the trick is:

from flask_wtf.csrf import generate_csrf

def add_csrf_token(response)
    response.headers.set('X-CSRFToken', generate_csrf())
    return response

In your after-request responses you can set a header for CSRF Tokens for Aurelia to extract it… Or you can set a cookie instead of a header to extract it from Aurelia.

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