Refresh bindings

Can someone tell me how to force Aurelia to refresh bindings? When using Durandal/Knockout, I did this:

var body = this.element.find("tbody")[0];
if (body) {
    ko.applyBindings(ko.dataFor(body), body);

What is the equivalent in Aurelia?

More details on my case here:

Problem was solved using TemplatingEngine.enhance as follows:

import { TemplatingEngine } from 'aurelia-templating';

Inject an instance of TemplatingEngine:


constructor(templatingEngine) {
    this.templatingEngine = templatingEngine;

Main Code:

let self = this;
// etc...

var body = $('#grid').find('tbody')[0];
if (body) {
    self.templatingEngine.enhance({ element: body, bindingContext: self });
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You could also you signal behavior