Register and import Custom component

Hii I am into this frame work.
Can any one Please tell me how to register and import custom component

Hi @yaswanthgutti - welcome to Aurelia!

Could you post some sample code to help explain what you’re trying to do, and what isn’t working (if any)? It would help folks understand how to offer suggestions.

I created a simple component to display popup alert when button is click.
But it is not showing the output. unless it is called in app.html .


  <input type="text" value.bind="message">
  <button click.delegate="onClick()">Click Me</button><br>

export class Greetings {
  constructor() {
    this.message = 'Hello From Greetings';

    const myMessage = this.message;

  <require from="./components/Greetings/greetings"></require>
  <require from="app.css"></require>


Is there any other way to directly display without calling component in app.html

Unless it is a typo in your post, you might need the following change.

-  <Greetings></Greetings>
+  <greetings></greetings>