Router options with new load methods

First, thanks for this great work that is going on. Really impressive.

In V1 the routing was king (in a routed app that is) and you were not able to load anything unless it was through a provided route. One of the router methods was a method to generate the url associated with a route if you provided the id and the necessary attributes in an accompanying object it would match the route parameters and generate a url for you. This was leveraged in the route-href attribute so that you could reference your routes by a name that the user would never see and it would generate the url appropriately. This has a number of nice side effects that I am not sure are available with the new load construct and I am hoping someone can point me as to how this might be done in V2.

  1. It was possible to change the route definition in the routing table and have all the url’s generate on the new specification. This seems better (from my perspective at least) than having to provide the path to the component and filling in the parameters in the appropriate locations within the url.

For instance if the url is ‘/:team/work-items’ then the template does not have to consider where in the url the :team param goes but just provides it in the accompanying object (for instance params.bind:{ team: 5})

I have been able to do this to some degree but it has limitations when it comes to providing additional properties for the url.

  1. The URL that was generated by V1 would provide any parameters that were not in the Route as additional querystring parameters still available in the activate method.

Are these 2 options available via the new routing strategies? It was also nice to be able to leverage the navigateToRoute in the same fashion as the href-route attribute . It seems that the load is working toward that but I just have not seen where you could reference the routes to the same level and hoping that I am just missing something.

thanks in advance