Routerless substepping with Aurelia-history?

I’ve got programatically set substeps inside a routing step (read same URL, different view-template snippets loaded dependend on substep flag). Now I need to get the browsers back-button to follow on those substeps as well, instead of just stepping to the last URL based history entry. Could be done unelegantly with shebangs, or better of course with the HTML5 history API.
Now I saw that Aurelia does have a history plugin that should help with that. But I come up rather empty handed when looking for documentation or tutorials of said plugin. I’m a tad hesitant on going forward implementing a solution using the base HTML5 history API, without knowing enough about the Aurelia version and possible interactions. Does anyone have experience on that, or could throw me a link to read up on it?

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Could you share a bit about the template snippets loaded dependend on substep flag?

Here is offical interface of Aurelia History - a wrapper of browser History

Do you think it can help you solve your case?