Running Aurelia along with (inside) angular 1.x app


Is it possible and safe to run Aurelia app inside an angular app?
Are there any issues I should be aware of before I decide to go that way? Any possible unexpected behaviors or conflicts?
I have a large legacy app to maintain, and would love to start using Aurelia for new features (new views/screens). Unfortunately the entire app layout and routing is built with angular and it’s too complex to be rebuilt at this moment.
I wonder if anyone has tried embedding small Aurelia-based pieces inside an angular app?
Any feedback is very appreciated!


Aurelia inside Angular should be good as long as you do not mix Routers. Using Aurelias progressive enhancement allows to use Aurelia wherever you need it to. As for page changes, depending in your Router, use the appropriate event and enhance parts of the Dom with Aurelia.


We also have a legacy app in Angular 1.x but we decided not to mix and match. The eventual goal is to port everything to Aurelia but in the meantime all new features served up completely separately.

server 1: angular app
server 2: aurelia app

We’re lucky though that the feature set we’re building is almost completely independent between the two. The downside is the UI is slightly different and “single sign-on” is painful. The strategy we’re using for SSO is pushing a JWT token via an iframe from server1 to server2. After that JWT makes everything easy.