Running template engine on a block of HTML injected by jQuery.html()

We’re using a 3rd party datagrid. Like most grids, it allows custom cell rendering. In our case we are rendering a couple edit buttons. I have no issues with that functionality or adding event bindings. What I’m trying to figure out is how to use custom components <my-component /> I’ve created as well as any template bindings <a click.delegate="foo()" />. I’m assuming the 3rd party grid library is using $.html() to inject the html into the grid cell so the HTML of course is not present when the View is rendered, in addition to it constantly updating with sorts, filters, etc. Anyway to accomplish running the aurelia templating engine on dynamically inserted HTML string (such as with $.html())?

  constructor(templatingEngine: TemplatingEngine) {
        this.templatingEngine = templatingEngine;

    const element = $("#newDOM").get(0);
    const contextForNewArea = this;
    this.templatingEngine.enhance({element, bindingContext: contextForNewArea });