Safari only router issue on deployed site

Hi all,

having an issue with with what seems to be the router, only on Safari, and only on a deployed aurelia app. All other combinations are fine. The symptom is this:

First render of the site is fine. Moving to another route also fine - then the router fails. All subsequent interaction fails to budge the app from the second route visited.

App deployed here (Islands of Ireland):

Use the ‘burger’ menu to visit an island (or click on a marker), and you get to a detail page. Going to the map icon in the title bar (or even the back button) will not get you back to the overall map. Nor does the router work at all once the app malfunctions like this.

All works as expected using Safari locally, or any other browser on the deployed site. Source here:

Thanks in advance for a terrific framework + resource.


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Probably because on local machine, you don’t have extra /oileain/ prefix in your route. Another strange thing is all your links seems trigger a full page reload, even in chrome.

Can you try change all your href link from




Add / in front of every hash link.


Thank you for your keen observation!

You are correct - “#/” was needed on all links. But it seemed to combine with another problem. In web pack I had:

const baseUrl = ‘/oileain’;

Upon your suggestion I tried:

const baseUrl = ‘/oileain/’;

Now all works as expected on all browsers.

Thanks Again!