Server-side Rendering

Continuing the discussion from ISO: Moon Shots:

I got the initial state rendering kinda working ish.
But I can’t find anything on progressive enhancement in vNext:

Am I looking in the wrong place?

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No you did not, if you meant to ask about V2. It’s a high level API that we can add when all the primitives are in place. I’ll ping @fkleuver and @EisenbergEffect for this

Yes. I am consciously talking about Aurelia 2 (that’s the final name isn’t it?)

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Yes it is :slight_smile:

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Is there a way to follow the progress of SSR in vNext development more closely than the discourse? Once there is an early version of it ready, I would like to test it :slight_smile:

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I’m halting my efforts due to:

  1. I heard that we are redoing router, and it’s a fundamental piece needs to be stable before I can continue. (Unless I can rely on some basic API not going to change, then I can continue a little bit here.)
  2. As described a few posts above, the lack of progressive enhancement makes SSR kind of a waste.