Setting pushState on in Aurelia 1


Several years ago I received great help from Mathew James Davis with my heritage / nostalgia site. I tried to reach him but the email address I had is no longer active.
At this time I am working on a change to this project. I was asked to enable Google search inside the site, and it turns out that the “#” in page addresses is in the way. I found out that I need to enable pushState in the router configuration. In my application the index.html file is not static but it is read from the Web2py server. When pushState is not active, the application works fine. You can see it in action here: Tסִפּוּרֵי גִּבְעַת בְּרֶנֶרT. When pushState is on, I do not see any error, but the screen remains blank. the code in app.ts is executed and the router seems to be created correctly but app.html is not activated at all. You can realize it here: Dסִפּוּרֵי גִּבְעַת בְּרֶנֶרD.
Can upgrading to Aurelia 2 make a difference?
Please help…