[SOLVED] JSPM Bundling throws error: `(SystemJS) System.registry is undefined`

Hi All.

I’m trying to get JSPM bundling working, as outlined here: https://aurelia.io/docs/build-systems/jspm/bundling#bundling-an-aurelia-jspm-application

As far as I can see, I have followed the instructions, but it throws an error saying (SystemJS) System.registry is undefined. My code for this is in the feature/bundling branch here: https://github.com/gordon-matt/aurelia-razor-netcore2-skeleton/tree/feature/bundling

Could someone please tell me what I am doing wrong?

Nobody has seen this error before?

Nevermind; I managed to get it working. It seems the JSPM bundling didn’t like 1 of the files… because when I commented out a couple of them, the error went away… I am guessing it was TinyMCE, but I haven’t checked 1 by 1 to be certain of that.