Static inject (DI) problem?


There seems to be something wrong with static injection, which doesn’t work since beta 12. From beta.12 this example doesn’t show the label of custom element. Is this a bug, or I miss something?

import { customElement, bindable } from 'aurelia';

  template:<template><div innerhtml.bind="label"></div></template>,
export class MyLabel {
  @bindable() label;

  template:<template><my-label label.bind="label"></my-label></template>,
export class MyApp {
  static inject = [MyLabel];
  label=‘show my label please’;

Its a bug before that usage of injection works, since the injection of a child element into the parent like that shouldnot work. Also if theres more than 1 MyLabel, then its quite wack as well.
For that case, maybe yoy can share the data between parent and child using a different channel.

Thank you,

How to solve this situation? Do I need e.g. globally register the MyLabel?

For those who are interested, I added MyLabel to dependencies parameter of @customElement. (it also works when registered globally)