Storing/Retrieving Navigation Menus/Route in Database

As for the missing modules, I observed that with npm <5.8 - packages installed directly from git repositories were constantly being deleted. Don’t observe this in npm@5.8.0

The promised repo

Thanks. We’re hoping to keep dependencies (including node packages, builders, bundlers) to a minimum where possible (even a simple SPA project has 12,000+ files) :slight_smile:

The reference ( used a subRoutes property but horrible to implement (see below hardcoding :-O). Your suggestion appears the way to go. Thanks.

Regarding the ‘new dotnet skelton app’ afraid I could not get it to run. Simply downloaded from repository, compiled, and attempted to run with no changes. I’m getting System.AggregateException error possibly webpack related?. Using VS 2017 Community 15.6.1

Are there any prerequisites that may have been missed?

You might have different global webpack version

It’s recommended that you remove global webpack
npm uninstall webpack -g

npm i

dotnet restore
dotnet run
F5 in VS

Thanks. We may be using the old versions for first build and then use the latest template. Then next versions of Net Core and Entity Framework Core will no doubt be ready to download :slight_smile:

I’ve copied code to another project and it no longer works. The only navigation that is present is the home page. The AddRoute() and router.refreshNavigation() have stopped working. I get the webpack hot module update error message below. Any ideas what I need to do to get it working?

If it works in one project and does not in another I would check if the setup is identical.

I forgot that had added a compose view model to show a diary component at the right hand side. Adding this to the new project enabled it to work. Thanks! The app.html is as follows: