Story sharing: google translation api for your aurelia-i18n


I am a user of aurelia-i18n and I have used google translations api to get my tranlsations.json in a few other languages within a few minutes. By doing so, it does impress my colleagues, who are happy to see the front end app in their mother tongue. Seriously, you may not use it as commercially. But for office fun and budget-constraint app, the google translations does give you a choice and a quick look what it could be.

Here is the simple instructions to get your translations:

  1. Install the tool from here: (simply: pip install bendihua)
  2. Then run: bdh your_translations.json -d fr, where fr for french.
  3. Lastly, google translations api will get you the transations, you would expect output-fr.json in the current directory.

Now, it is an interview question for you: how do you get the localization file displayed in a browser?

Have fun!