Storybook for aurelia 2

Hi I am trying to get aurelia 2 working with storybook but no luck

Has anyone got this working recently.

I have setup storybook recently with react so I know how its supposed to be done I think.

I have tried using aurelia with and without typescript but it still fails on storybook startup.

Some example errors
If you have ‘reflect-metadata’ or any other reflect polyfill

R in C:/Users/pclark/Desktop/aurelia-sb-no-ts/aurelia-sb/node_modules/@aurelia/runtime-html/dist/resources/attribute-pattern.d.ts
ERROR in C:/Users/pclark/Desktop/aurelia-sb-no-ts/aurelia-sb/node_modules/@aurelia/runtime-html/dist/resources/attribute-pattern.d.ts(20,16):
TS2304: Cannot find name ‘State’.

TS6053: File ‘%SET_DURING_SB_INIT%’ not found.

Additionally who owns the plugin for aurelia storybook aurelia team or storybook team

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I think using storybook with Aurelia shouldn’t be difficult, and no one is really “owning” the storybook part in the team. I’ll have a look at the reflect metadata issue and setup an example storybook.

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Thanks bigopon spent a fair bit of time on this but dont feel I am getting anywhere even though the error looks suspiciously similar to the issue I had with controls library.

I tried upgrading the version of aurelia under storyook and excluding the storybook node_modues folders but no luck

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Hi guys,
I’m very interested in a solution for this as well. I’m running into the same errors as @Infuser1. I’m willing to do some work on supporting this if it’s needed

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The strictness in guaranteeing the metadata is good was added without considering the scenarios like this. I think it’s ok to relaxed it a little bit, as it’s used in our kernel. Will update on this soon.


Thanks again for looking at this bigopon sure you and the team are really busy at the moment

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A commit that relax the strictness around metadata has been merged. Can you try again @infuser @chicken-suop

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Thanks Bigopon will take a look but might be tomorrow got a lot on at the moment

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I will pick this up now that we are alpha. I got us into the SB repo and then didn’t want to keep iterating forever to keep it up to date with constantly changing APIs. Now that we are alpha and most of the apis are concrete I will keep maintaining it. I have direct connection to the SB owners and we work together. Once released they will promote AU2 like their other frameworks.


Thanks Brandon sorry not had time to try this yet bigopon, but still plan too although seems like we are now going standard vanilla web components so don’t need it.

I will get web components done then try this