The current health of Aurelia

So it is a funding issue as well.

Have you and other core devs considered the possibility of pivoting as a startup? Rob had great ideas for revenue streams before going hippie with the whole thing.

I am planning an adjacent project not aimed at monetizing Aurelia of course, but as an interactive programming / learning platform and ecosystem around Aurelia. I have some funds for this so I’ll give it a try this winter and post updates here if anyone might find it of interest. I am calling it Aurelia+ ( (that’s not a trademark hopefully).

I was exploring Vue’s platinum sponsors and drew some ideas for Aurelia adjacent opportunities.

I am not primarily a coder but an engagement design engineer, so I believe I can assist with the ecosystem if the core devs can continue with the hardcore development in turn

I’ve got enough on my hands already :slight_smile:

Aurelia missed the critical mass to be self sustainable. Not sure if you can turn that around - harsh open source reality. Definitely not with a bunch of senior-lead devs who can make much more money just doing normal hours for someone :slight_smile:


News from Aurelia’s discord server (I’m just copy/pasting):

December 16:
Can we get an updated ETA on alpha 42 and the roadmap blog post?

The original plan 2 months ago was to have beta right now, with complete compat v1 package done. But it’ll be delayed until after new year. The release and road map are aimed for the 2nd or 3rd week of Jan.


Great, this should put many worried minds at ease

“If it’s not late, it’s not worth the wait” is a line to keep


I have followed the events of Aurelia 2 with enthusiasm from the very beginning. The structure is well thought out, elegant and long looking.

I have been waiting a long time for the success it deserves. It happens that I see large LOB application developments in Angular and I think about how nice it would be to see the elegance of Aurelia instead of certain ugliness.

When the idea of Aurelia 2 was born a few years ago there was a lot of buzz about frameworks and languages for the Web, and I was surprised several times that none of the “big guys” wanted to invest in Aurelia, but I admit I didn’t know enough about it and maybe it was for the best as I judge Google’s influence on Angular as negative.

I fully understand the concerns of those who already use Aurelia v1 or those who would like to do so and have concerns about the status of the project and the lack of official v2 releases. It is difficult to convince colleagues or bosses of the merits of adopting a framework in aplha even if it is incredibly good.

In any case, I think the project is good, and one cannot expect miracles from a team without adequate funding. I think the expectation that someone should invest their time just to meet the needs of some users (or potential new users) is completely misplaced. At the same time, I imagine that the Aurelia team would like to do more and that it would be helpful to lend a hand. I myself have wanted to do it several times, even in a marginal way, but I have never been able to actually do it, so I certainly can’t complain now!

I wish the best for this project and that it can have the success it deserves.


It happens that I see large LOB application developments in Angular and I think about how nice it would be to see the elegance of Aurelia instead of certain ugliness.

Any other framework in situation like Aurelia now, would be probably abandoned by users a long time ago. If any good in current situation, it shows how good Aurelia actually is and how hard is for users to go away from unique qualities we are used to. Hope the Beta comes soon, hopefully with Security Policy · Issue #1480 · aurelia/aurelia · GitHub included :slight_smile:


This might be true, but still cannot expect users to hold out indefinitely. At our company, people started raising concerns regarding the future of Aurelia back in 2020. We have decided to wait for “v2” as it seemed worth waiting. But more than 2 years passed, still not released and not even clear plan/roadmap about it (or it is not being made public). As much as we love Aurelia’s philosophy and appreciate the effort of its developers, we have decided to set our final deadline: if beta is not released by the end of January, we will start looking for replacement and eventually leave the platform.

I would be really sorry about it, but we have to face reality


I’m not sure if setting a deadline is going to be productive. As with any open source project, I think healthiness is determined not by the number of releases but the activity on the project and judging by the commits on github the project is making progress daily.

While I do agree, it would be nice to have a roadmap that sort of thing can lead to frustrations if deadlines get missed or if code gets released early to meet a deadline, which can lead to bugs. I think maybe what you’re looking for is the milestones page in github? Try this link: v2.0-alpha Milestone · GitHub


“Taking over the world master plan”:

  1. Pitch Aurelia 2 to Microsoft
  2. Microsoft takes over and creates dedicated team including core members and Rob Eisenberg
  3. Change name to something new and fresh
  4. Enhance tooling (VS Code, Chrome)
  5. Create Aurelia UI components library that works on iOS, Android and Desktop (or acquire Ionic and Framework7)
  6. Launch new website with great design, UX and docs
  7. Media announcement that Microsoft has released new frontend Framework



Haha, :))

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Not an frontend framework and UI components does not adapt to mobile phones, it’s just desktop components.

“Change the name to something new and fresh.”

Aurelia is a wonderful name and the logo and color brand are ultra modern. Also, it fits the MEAN initialism and the post-Durandal RPG-ish inclination

Not saying that it’s not a good name. Just has too much search history of Aurelia 1 and could confuse people when searching for help.

That’s funny :smile: it’s exactly what happened (including the taking of Rob). I wonder if he was being ironic or accidentally predicted the past

Do you mean FAST is a framework similar to Aurelia? It’s NOT. It only provides Web Components that you could integrate with your favorite framework. It’s not a full framework that provides everything you need to build a full blown SPA. Also, FAST Web Components is mostly designed for desktop, missing mobile specific components.

A couple of points

  • fast has got a router and people do build full blown apps just with that
  • fast is not just for desktop. It’s a framework and you can build whatever components you wish. You can create your own design system and plug it in FAST
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Sure, but you still need to do the heavy lifting yourself . I think many developers just want a full featured front end framework where a lot is already included in the package but possible to switch parts if necessary. Aurelia 2 is a proof its possible to create a framework that is opinionated but also modular.