Status of vNext?

March, 2020 was the last time we’ve heard anything about Aurelia vNext. Any status?


At the moment, the last few bits are still around router & v1 feature parity. Many official plugins ported - validation, i18n, fetch. There’s been runtime improvement, and some new stuff (watch, switch, async template rfc). There’s probably more I don’t recall. And there’s still more to be done, and we are aiming to have alpha by new year :laughing:

We haven’t had a 0.8 release yet, maybe we could do that, before alpha.

That said, can only :crossed_fingers: things go smoothly as planned.


I see many asking how it’s going with Aurelia. As usual, this is probably just the tip of the iceberg. To me - a regular Aurelia user - it feels kinda dead, too. Just a feeling though, I know. Still, I’d recommend addressing such soft factors and would really appreciate a new blog entry this year. Just tell people everything is great, because how else should they know? Make the project feel alive :grinning:


Yeah totally agree!

Aurelia is by far the best front-end framework ever! But without the buzz around it, nobody knows and will hesitate to use it, thus loosing traction.

You really need to do blog posts every week, flood social media, and be visible everywhere.

Perhaps you are making it too pretty, and forgetting about momentum?


We haven’t had a 0.8 release yet, maybe we could do that, before alpha.

Please do! Would give us something to work with while the alpha is fianlized.


Aurelia is by far the best front-end framework ever!

Yes, Aurelia is the best! I don’t understand how more people haven’t discovered it, it’s like an easter egg hiding in the internet.

@bigopon thank you, please take your time – perfection can’t be rushed. Aurelia 1 is still lightyears ahead of competitors. v1 isn’t facing obsolescence anytime soon. Truly was ahead of it’s time and still is


We’ve just had a 0.8 release. :crossed_fingers: we will have another release before alpha, otherwise, it would be funny with versioning style 7 8 10 :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Great! Thanks vNext people.

We are enjoying au 1 and not in a hurry.


May I suggest trying to publish an update post in the main blog?
By looking at the sheer number of releases on npm it is clear that the project is very much active, but since the last blog post is from March this activity is definitely not obvious for a casual observer.


Currently Aurelia 2 is big mirage…

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Reply to @bigopon
Don’t do that! Truly mixed opinions on if it worked for Microsoft

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I know this is not the best place to ask, but what is the plan for migrating @computedFrom?

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No computedFrom for au2. Au2 magically traces dependencies on plain getter.


It will also cache the getter result and only compute again when a dependency has changed. This is a difference compared to v1. For @computedFrom, maybe we can add it too, if folks are adamant about controlling the dependencies of a getter manually


Any status updates??


We’ve just got the cheat sheet in as an informal guide/doc for folks who want more example. Will grow it overtime. At the moment, we are sorting out the release process for v2 (blog/version/release etc…)