Two-way binding not working with target "esnext" on Typescript 5.4

I’ve upgraded Typescript from 5.3 to 5.4.5 (or higher) and two-way binding is not working anymore. Unfortunately, I cannot find a working Aurelia 1 Stackblitz for demonstration.

Not the answer that would help you, but I have 2 relatively large Aurelia 1 applications under active development and neither of them has this problem. TS v5.5.3

You are right, it’s not directly Typescript related, but “target” in tsconfig.json.
I need the Object.groupBy feature and the documentation [1] said I have to upgrade Typescript and change the target to esnext, which prevents two-way-binding to work properly. I switched back to “es6” and it works fine.

[1] javascript - How to enable Object.groupBy() in TypeScript and Node.js - Stack Overflow

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