Typescript conversion?

I think there was once intent to rewrite Aurelia in TypeScript?

Is that effort still active?

I’d be willing to help out on the effort if it’s still ongoing. TypeScript seems to only be gaining popularity…


Hi Shawn,

I don’t know of a benefit to rewriting all Aurelia modules in TypeScript. The Aurelia consumer doesn’t need to dive in the code (usually) so there would be no real benefit.

You can certainly write Aurelia apps using Typescript, however, and that is what I do.

As you know, converting to TS shouldn’t require a rewrite since TS is a superset of javascript. Aurelia would benefit from TS in the same ways any other code benefits.

One tangible improvement for the ‘Aurelia consumer’ would be improved typings for code completion. I see any types in the .d.ts files which should definitely be strongly typed.

Exactly, the typings aren’t as good as one would hope them to be. You end up going through the source code more than you would like to figure stuff out. A slow transition to TS for aurelia would be great.

The 2018 roadmap seems to point to this happening.

From my point of view, TypeScript projects are much easier to submit a PR for as the code is less ambiguous.

All very valid concerns and as the roadmap said now TS is really in a great shape compared to the beginnings of Aurelia. This comes from a true VanillaJS enthusiast :wink: