UI Component Library

Hey all,

As part of our company’s latest focus on being design-driven, we’ve started a pattern library project to standardize the look and feel of the different applications we build closer together. As part of this, is an Aurelia Component Library. Check it out here:

Let me know what you guys think. This is still in quite early stages of it, so only adding components into it as required.


Hey could you tell us about the workflow you guys follow internally. So who is involved in driving the descision for new components, does it start with designers? Are you creating them first with tools like Figma or Zeplin? Not really related to Aurelia but just wondering how you approach this.

Yea no worries. We’re still working out what the best process is as well. So this may not be the best way to do it.

But basically the designers will work on their designs in Sketch and when its all working well after reviews and testing, it then goes to the developers through InVision (similar to Zeplin). And currently its on the developer to decide whether or not this should be a component as part of the library or not. Which is pretty obvious atm as we mostly know what are on other pages, the old DRY method works here as well.

If you’ve got any tips on how you are approaching it, would be cool to know. As we’re still trying to improve this process too.