Unable to find module with ID: 85.html

Using Webpack. Now, I already know that this means that there is a missing PLAFORM.moduleName somwhere. But I cannot resolve after two hours, so I am going to cry like a … I mean, I am going to ask for help.

All I am trying to do is display a simple dialog using Aurelia-Dialog. It is registered with .plugin(PLATFORM.moduleName('aurelia-dialog'))

In my viewmodel, I have:

import { DialogService } from 'aurelia-dialog';
import { Prompt } from '../prompt';

Then I try to use it:

this.dialogService.open({ viewModel: Prompt, model: 'Good or Bad?', lock: false }).whenClosed(response => {
			if (!response.wasCancelled) {
			} else {

This is straight out of the docs. But when it runs, it throws the error. It is running the latest version of Aurelia-Dialog (1.0.0-rc.2.0.0)

Am I missing a PLATFORM.moduleName somewhere?

Never mind, I was missing the view for the Prompt.

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