Unable to find module with ID: plugin/index

During my Karma (Jasmine) test run, I was occasionally see this error:

Unable to find module with ID: plugin/index


  • I’m using Webpack 4.1.1 and TypeScript
  • aurelia-bootstrapper 2.2.0
  • aurelia-webpack-plugin 3.0.0
  • aurelia-loader-webpack 2.2.1
  • My project is an Aurelia plugin with a demo application included
  • The src/plugin/index.ts file, as is our practice, includes a config.globalResources() call will all my elements referenced like: config.globalResources( [PLATFORM.moduleName(’./elements/something/index’), PLATFORM.moduleName(’./elements/something-else/index’) …
  • My demo application’s main.ts references the plugin’s index using: .feature(PLATFORM.moduleName(‘plugin/index’))
  • It’s the same error message each time, but occurred “randomly” without any pattern I can discern.

After some tinkering with aurelia-loader-webpack in which I added some console output to import() after the line:
moduleId = addressParts.splice(addressParts.length - 1, 1)[0];

… I discovered that when my error occurs, it is always after importing the same resource file (referenced in plugin/index’s global resources array). Inside that TypeScript file, I noticed that it was importing another file, which happened to be named “index.ts” and in the same path, using this syntax:

import { SomeOtherThing } from '.';

For the fun of it, I changed it to:

import { SomeOtherThing } from './index';

To my surprise, my error no longer reared it’s ugly head. So my question is this: Why would the “.” vs “./index” have an impact, and why do things go awry randomly?

Any ideas?

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I remember you cannot do plugin on index file. If you wanna use index file, use featureAPI. can you try that? It’s specific to webpack

I am, see above :wink: