Using a repeat.for for an array to Edit in a form not returning values

I am trying to use an array to fill out a series of editable input fields. Then I am taking those fields and sending them to a perl script to save the data to our database.

The problem is that when I try to use var formData = new FormData(invoiceForm) to send the data, that it doesn’t properly fill out the values of the form.

What I end up with when I read the logs of the perl script is this: fdat
$VAR1 = {
          'r.origName' => '^@',
          'old_storage_account' => 'true',
          'old_potential_bad_debt' => 'true',
          'old_internal_adjustment' => 'false',
          'storage_account' => 'on',
          '' => 'test^@',
          'original_invoice' => '',
          'REMOTE_USER' => 'RSS',
          'debt_no' => '30',
          'clt_ref_no' => 'ORD190049845 011',
          'status_date' => '2020-12-19',
          'status_code' => 'Select A Status',
          'old_status_date' => '2020-12-19',
          'old_status_code' => '102',
          'SAVE' => '1',
          'debt_id' => '635360',
          'original_original_invoice' => '',
          'potential_bad_debt' => 'on',
          'debt_id_no' => '635360-30',
          'activity_note' => '',
          'clt_id' => '8022'

Where the and r.origName are supposed to be filled out as values like user_defined_freeform|Account Name and user_defined_freeform|Account Name|orig and then have their values be what is put into the input field.

My html looks like this:

                                    <template repeat.for="r of user_defined_freeform"
                                        <template if.bind="r.value == 'HEADER'">
                                            <template if.bind="r.line > 1">
                                            <tr colspan="2">
                                                <td class="udfTdHeader">
                                        <template else>
                                                <td class="udfTdHeader lt_tan" align="right"
                                                    valign="center" width="30%">
                                                <template if.bind="r.user_edit ==1">
                                                    <td class="lt_tan" contenteditable 

                                                <td class="lt_tan" valign="top" width="70%">
                                                    <template if.bind="r.user_edit == 1">
                                                        <input type="text" name=""
                                                            size="30" value.bind="r.value"
                                                        <input type="hidden" name="r.origName"
                                                    <template else>
                                                        ${r.value || ''}

and my javascript file looks like this where I am trying to save things is following:

    async saveInvoice()
        const self = this;
        var url = 'http://[ip address]/';
        var invoiceForm = document.forms['invoiceForm'];

        if (invoiceForm)
            var formData = new FormData(invoiceForm);
            formData.append('SAVE', 1);
            formData.append('REMOTE_USER', this.user);

   = 1;

            var i = 0;
            var udfLength = this.user_defined_freeform.length;

            for (i; i < udfLength; i++)
                var udfName = this.user_defined_freeform[i].name;
                //var domName = this.udfValues[i];

                console.log('domName', this.udfValues);
                console.log('udfName', udfName);
                console.log('udf name', invoiceForm.udfName);

            return self.httpClient
            .fetch(url, {
                body: formData,
                method: 'POST'
                .then (async (response) => {
                    this.message = await response.json();
                    //console.log('message', this.message);

           = 0;


If you notice above in the html, I tried to use element.ref and contenteditable to try to see if I could access the values that way, but I was unable to.

What am I doing wrong?