Using aurelia-cli with Jetbrains Rider

I’ve just started using Jetbrain’s rider - VS2019 + Resharper has become unusable.

The only issue I have is how to set it up to compile the typescript files so that I can debug within Rider.

In order for Rider to put the compiled files into one file and not create individual js and map files I need to add outFile:"./build/tsc/js to tsconfig.

However with the outFile option set, aurelia-cli compiles but gives an error message of

browser.js:1 Error: Load failed: main: https://localhost:9000/src/main.js

How can I tell aurelia-cli to ignore the outFile in tsconfig and just carry on doing its own thing?

I keep switching between VSCode and Rider so I would like aurelia-cli to carry on working as normal irrespective of the editor I’m using

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I haven’t used Rider personally but JetBrains IDEs tend to have a great deal of overlap. I’ve followed the instructions for WebStorm to get TypeScript debugging to work in RubyMine:

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I went through their documentation, but can’t find where I would tell Rider/Webstorm to run au run rather than compile with ...\node_modules\typescript.

It clearly takes its settings from tsconfig (as does aurelia-cli), so I’m back to the problem of allowing Rider to compile and place the results in a folder that I don’t care about, and then have au run run so that it correctly creates vendor-bundle.js and app-bundle.js.

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