Using raphael js with aurelia

I am new to aurelia, i wanted to created an element that uses raphael js library. I created a view but i cannot use raphael. i get Raphael is not defined error. I couldn’t find solution on the net. please i need help as soon as possible. here is my code:

import 'raphael';

export class raphaelTest {
      attached() {
        let paper = Raphael('canvasArea', 500, 500);
        let rect = paper.rect(0, 0, 10, 10).attr({fill: "orange"});

and the html code is:

    <div id="canvasArea"></div>

Try the following import statement instead of import 'raphael':

import Raphael from 'raphael/raphael'

This is untested code!

Thank you @elitastic for the help :slight_smile: . I found the solution, i should do the following:
import * as Raphael from 'raphael';.