Value converter not being registered

I have a value converter that is failing to get registered. It includes an external module autolinker.js for parsing links in text.

If I remove the autolinker from the converter (basically make toView() a noop) it finds the value converter fine. I assume it has something to do with the autolinker module failing to be found but there is no error in the console about registering the value converter.

The only error I see is Uncaught Error: No ValueConverter named “textToLink” was found!

Where should I start to look or is there a way to get more verbose debugging info from the framework?

I think this has something to do with circular dependencies, make sure external module auto linker doesn’t link back to text to link value converter. It’s quite a subtle issue. Can you try that?

I tried referencing the autolinkerjs module in a page viewmodel and it gave me an error that No Aurelia API was found in the viewmodel. It is really strange - no build errors or runtime errors except the one coming from Aurelia.

I stepped through the Aurelia code and when it tries to get a reference to the value converter it is null - I assume the exception is being swallowed by Aurelia.

It works locally but when I build/webpack and push to our dev server it does not.

After too many hours I decided to go with a newer link parsing library linkifyjs and it works like a charm.