We need aurelia-ux tutorials

Here are a few resources to see components https://aux-demo.firebaseapp.com/forms and aurelia-ui-toolkits.github.io/demo-materialize/.

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Actually I realised that the theme option in the aurelia-ux demo can change the primary and accent colors, etc, but it would be nice also to be able to select a swatch and apply that as well.
Also, changing the primary color used to affect the sidebar color and the top bar but doesn’t any more. Perhaps that is by design, but the effect of seeing colors change in the demo immediately when you change them is part of the good user experience of the demo, and would be even better if a swatch could be selected.

The radio and checkbox components don’t have any code examples. What would be really, really nice though would be to have gistrun examples like the Aurelia Materialize Components demo has. :slight_smile:

Please don’t interpret my feedback as complaining, as I am just trying to give genuine feedback to help improve things if possible and I really like what you have done so far.

@ZHollingshead To answer your question, what is missing from the documents is a more full example using something like a drawer nagivation with newer CSS. I think relatively many using Aurelia are new to web development and have discomfort with all the build tools (there doesn’t seem to be a good example that uses CLI, WebPack, with add-onds such as bundle size visualizers) and some nice navigation to practice on.

@ZHollingshead, your link https://aux-demo.firebaseapp.com/getting-started helped a lot, thanks! Documentation is on a good way like this. It doesn‘t have to be a huge essay. More important are code listings short explanations, or videos like AureliaCasts…

We just looked at the prototypes today and discussed about the next steps. The biggest topic was UX. Angular Material provides a lot of components, documentation, good examples and offers a large community. I really like Aurelia, but if I can not show a reliable road map for Aurelia UX, it will be difficult to argue for Aurelia… We were looking for components like Tabs, Expansion Panel, Bread Crumbs and so on. It would be really nice to have a road map, to get an idea if there are more components coming and if so, when they are planned to be released. For us it would be really important if the question mark were gone. It is important to know when releases are planned and what components are gonna come…

Since you mentioned Angular Material components, maybe you can (partial) work with http://aurelia-ui-toolkits.github.io/demo-materialize/. Aurelia UX is off course about more than only material components.

I have deployed UX showcase with some changes for my own purposes https://aurelia-ux-components.firebaseapp.com
It includes the latest (0.14.1) version of all components. Besides some styles (not all yet) were updated and fixed. New datepicker, radio and select components were added.


@meshuggahner awesome demo!

Could you remove "Getting Start" section "Installing Aurelia UX with the Aurelia CLI has an extra step compared to Webpack."? That step is not required anymore since aurelia-cli v1.0.0-beta.1.

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Yes, I will. There’s a lot of things to fix :slight_smile:

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