Weird error on compile customattribute

Hi There,

I basically need an attribute which runs once and it will calculate the and style.right when bind occurs.
Now I do have a project, which was ok, -until- I added this ts file.

import {autoinject} from ‘aurelia-framework’;
export class SetPositionCustomAttribute {

constructor(private element: HTMLElement ) { =  element.parentElement.clientTop - 10 + 'px'; = element.parentElement.clientLeft + 'px';


bind() {
    console.log('la di dah');


Problem is that now suddenly, au run fails.
ERROR [BundledSource] Could not convert to AMD module, skipping src\custom\setpositionattribute.ts
ERROR [BundledSource] Error was: SyntaxError: unknown: Support for the experimental syntax ‘decorators-legacy’ isn’t currently enabled (2:1):
For the obvious questions: Did you enable/disable I add tsconfig.json

“compilerOptions”: {

"module": "amd",

"noImplicitAny": false,

"declaration": false,

"typeRoots": [



"removeComments": true,

"emitDecoratorMetadata": true,

"experimentalDecorators": true,

"sourceMap": true,

"target": "ES2017",

"lib": [




"moduleResolution": "node",

"baseUrl": "src",

"resolveJsonModule": true,

"allowJs": true


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Maybe irrelevant, but does this line work:

constructor(private element: HTMLElement ) {

Shouldn’t it be

constructor(private element: Element ) {

Element does not know ‘style’.

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You can cast it to HTMLElement. The issue is in v1, the container only registers Element, not HTMLElement so it can’t inject that.

Yes that’s definitely the issue. Had the same a while back. As explained only the more generic Element gets injected since DI doesn’t know whether it’s HtmlElement or SvgElement. So you would need to cast it manually

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Great, thanks.

But the error remains. It’s as it as if the file is not part of the project.
Support for the experimental syntax ‘decorators-legacy’ isn’t currently enabled (2:1):

I do run the cli aurelia version 1.3

1 | import {autoinject} from ‘aurelia-framework’;

2 | @autoinject
| ^
3 | export class SetPositionCustomAttribute {

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I think I’ve seen that issue. It’s only IDE issue, build will work fine. I’m not sure when it started happening but it wasn’t there in the past

it happens on ‘au run’ so, not IDE issue. My IDE (Visual Studio Code) thinks its all fine.

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So, when I change this to ‘esnext’ script style, the compilation error vanishes, but now the element won’t be injected.

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Can you try to recreate the issue in a new project which you can share?

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Sure, thank you very much.
I have it online.
offending file…

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found the issue and created a PR for it


Hero! Thank you so much.

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Guess your ide just accidentally autocompleted the file ending. @hiaux0 could this be e.g handled by the vscode extension to provide a custom linting error if the file ending is detected?

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Yep for sure.
Could get the value of <require from="./custom/setpositionattribute"></require> and check if there is a file-ending or not.

(no estimation on when this will be added, but great idea!)


While it’s no tremendous feature it would certainly help debugging issues with non-descriptive errors like here. And let’s be honest once in a while everyone from us falls into something like this :wink:

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