Who is maintaining aurelia project template in SpaTemplates package

q1. who is maintaining the ‘dotnet new Aurelia’ project template enabled by installing ‘dotnet new --install Microsoft.AspNetCore.SpaTemplates::*’ packages?

q2. is it the asp.net core [ 2.1 ] release work effort or the Aurelia framework effort?

q3. is there a visual studio [ 2017 ] or asp.net project templates crew focused on adding a matching Aurelia project template option to visual studio | file | new project | visual c# | web | asp.net core web application set of options which currently has angular and react and redux ] project template options?

NoOne, See this

Use Aurelia-CLI for ASP.NET Core.

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The repository for the templates now show a 404 (Page Not Found) so these have now gone effectively bringing an end to keeping up to date templated Net Core development in Aurelia since npm dependencies no longer show up in Visual Studio 2017 using Aurelia-cli.



Or maybe we could say @greensponge is at https://github.com/greensponge/aurelia-dotnet-template or @MaximBalaganskiy at https://github.com/MaximBalaganskiy/AureliaDotnetTemplate.

Thanks! It’s great to talk…