Would You Use/Need An AngularFire Package for Firebase in Aurelia? [Call For Opinions]

As some of you know, I am a huge Firebase user and Firebase works really well in Aurelia. However, there are certain things you need to do (boilerplate) to set it up every time and even more so if you want to use it with Aurelia Store, computed values and more.

There is a plugin for Angular called AngularFire which is a package that gives you some powerful out-of-the-box ways to work with Firebase; offline support, syncing databases with views and observables and a whole bunch of other features.

Would this be something people would find useful for Aurelia? You can already achieve all of these things in Aurelia applications, but manually. Would a port of this package or something similar for Aurelia be useful to anyone?


If there are proper guidance and a workable solution, why not. I am using Microsoft Stack and many times looks at other solution like firebase but don’t go forward because of compatibility with Aurelia, learning curve etc. Don’t need to start another trial and error show.

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Though I am one who will not use this (I deploy everything to Azure) I believe that if it is something you might use for a technology that seems to be pretty popular it could be a win from a PR point of view if a first-class library exists to support it.

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Did this ever get traction? I am planning to build an app with firebase/aurelia here in 2020. Looking for some best practices and/or would be willing to help with an AureliaFire project.

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