${xy} in bindable for custom attribute

Is there a way to use the “${xy}” syntax in a bindable for a custom attribute:

Seems like this syntax is not working:

<div test="hello ${name}"></div>
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You can do like this https://gist.dumber.app/?gist=466b57e6c9ff5a3b95f4f8942fb9596a

<div test.bind="`Hello ${name}`"></div>

I’ll have a look why the first one not working

Thanks for your help! Unfortunately, in my real use case it’s a bit more complicated! :frowning:

Additionally, there’s a value converter in place:

<div test="asfd-${name | encode}-${other | encode}"></div>

Unfortunately, I can’t use both of your workarounds for this reason.

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The issue is around it wrongly compiles to target property name value on the test custom attribute. If you change your url property to value, it will work, as a workaround. The fix for this should be simple.


Thanks for your help, it works! :+1:

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